Customs Brokerage Package For Foreign Importers

This International Transportation & Customs Brokerage package is offered to Foreign Importers of Record (FIOR) to help facilitate international transactions and their subsequent Customs & Border Protections (CBP) clearances. A CBP Assigned Number will be obtained on your behalf. Once your goods have arrived in the US and Customs clearance has occurred we will forward your goods into Amazon FBA. McKenzie Services arranges Customs House Brokerage (CHB) services by licensed CHB's on behalf of the importer of record. We do not mark up the customs broker fees in any way, and we only add a coordination fee to cover our administrative time and for acting as the Ultimate Consignee on your behalf.


Summary Price Description
Setup $55.00 Electronic 5106 Filed with Customs (One-time Fee/First shipment only).
McKenzie Services Coordination Fee $60.00 Recurring Fee for each shipment, and covers the administration and coordination work done by McKenzie Services, as well as acting as the Ultimate Consignee.
ISF $35.00/Ocean only Not Airfreight (Filing the required info to CBP electronically prior to the sail date).
ISF Bond $65.00/ Ocean only Not Airfreight (This is in essence “insurance” for CBP, should you default, file late or disappear).
CBP Entry $150.00 Our fee for entering your goods for submission to CBP.
Documents $65.00  
SEB Bond $55/min or $5.50/$1000.00 of the value + the duty However if the goods will require clearance thru the Other Government Agency (OGA) as well, the value of the bond is required to be 3 times the value.
PGA Clearance $55.00 Participating Governing Agencies: FDA, FCC, USDA, FWS, DOT, EPA
Terminal Fee’s $89-$119.00 estimated  
Cargo Insurance (Optional) $85.00 (min) or .55/$100 of the value+duty+ocean/airfreight+10% Quite literally coverage for pennies on the dollar.
Duty TBD Determined by value & commodity.
User Fees/Taxes .4714% of the value  

If you agree to the above referenced fee schedule please contact us to have an officer of the Corporation or a Managing Member of the LLC complete a Power of Attorney (POA). Instructions are included in the POA document.

How it works:

  • YOU act as the FIOR and you must have CBP Assigned Number.
  • YOU are the FIOR, and responsible for all duties and taxes.
  • McKenzie Services acts as the Ultimate Consignee, and provides our EIN # to CBP.
  • Ocean freight or air freight brokerage is an optional add-on to this package, as needed.

You will be asked to provide:

  • A Customs (CBP) Power of Attorney which will be provided with instructions.

Next steps:

  1. Sign up for one of our pricing plans (likely wholesale & private label or cartons/boxes).
  2. Notify us that you are interested in the US-based customs broker package, and we will send you the POA.