All prices are in USD. There is a $45 minimum per job, meaning that each outbound job to Amazon must be at least $45 worth of our services. Clothing, shoes, liquids, and oversize are also an extra $0.47 per unit. Please also read our chargebacks for non-compliance document to know what is expected and required for receiving, storage, and shipping. We believe in not having the lowest prices, but instead focusing on how we can add value to your business--watch this video to see what makes us different and how we add value. Here is what is included in our services:

  • A dedicated Account Manager with years of experience for accurate management of your FBA shipping plans.
  • 2 business day efficient turnaround time for most small-medium size jobs.
  • 24 hour video surveillance of your products in our warehouse.
  • A receiving and inventory live web portal driven by a backend database. View a demo of our web portal here.
  • We offer limited permission access to your Seller Central account to print FNSKU labels and create/finalize FBA shipping plans on your behalf (saving you time!). Please be aware that we do not create listings. In some cases, hourly labor may apply.
  • Poly bagging and suffocation warning labels are included at no extra charge.
  • Shipping from our warehouse to Amazon FBA is not included in the pricing below. View sample UPS/FedEx rates here, and sample LTL Freight rates here.

Freight Forwarding or Carton Forwarding

Per box and per pallet to receive, inventory, and then forward to Amazon FBA. Any inspections or quality assurance requirements are handled as billable hours--contact us for more details. The products in the cartons do not need labeling, as they already have an Amazon-ready barcode label which is the FNSKU or UPC label. Volume discounts are based on each shipment size to Amazon. The minimum per outbound job is the same as our job minimum.

Receiving and Shipping
$1.75-3.95 Per Box Received
+ $2.75-3.95 Per Box Shipped
+ $26.25 Per Pallet Shipped
Contact us
40 ft Container Unload
(floor loaded container)
20 ft Container Unload
(floor loaded container)

Wholesale & Private Label Prep, Pack, Ship

Plans to receive, unbox, visually inspect, inventory, FNSKU label, and ship to Amazon FBA. Please note that any high-sku/low-quantity jobs may be priced at a higher rate, in order to cover the additional labor.

One Time Job Email for quote
Pay As You Go $1.27 Per Unit
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Additional Services & Supplies

If you don’t see the service you need, please email us for a quote.

Storage View our Simple Storage Pricing
Customs Brokerage Service Packages US-Based Importers Click Here

Foreign Importers Click Here
Poly Bag and Heat Seal Included For Free
Use of McKenzie
shipping account
20% markup from
our discounted rate
Boxes rate
+ shipping/handling
Kraft Paper (dunnage) $0.16 per Foot
Bubble wrap or bags $0.58 Per Unit
Shrink wrap $0.79 Per Unit
Liquid Handling $0.47 Per Unit
Outbound Pallet & Wrap $26.25 Per Pallet
Hourly Labor $15.75 Per 15 Min, Per Person
(45 minute minimum)
Rush Job / Weekend Work / Overtime Hourly Labor $90 Per Hour, Per Person
(2 hour minimum)
Professional Custom Boxes and Packaging Email for quote
Disposal, Recycle, Donate $0.26 Per Unit.
$0.52 Per Unit for oversize.
$1.21 Per Carton.
$2.42 Per Carton for oversize.
Contact us regarding hazardous waste, such as batteries.

How to determine if your products are Standard-Size or Oversize

A packaged Unit with the following weight and dimensions is Standard-Size:

Standard-Size Diagram
  • 20 lb. or less
  • 18" or less on its longest side (A)
  • 14" or less on its median side (B)
  • 8" or less on its shortest side (C)

A Unit exceeding any of these measurements is Oversize.

Note: If a product is sold as a set, use the dimensions and weight of the combined Units when packaged together.

An oversize carton is any carton over 50 lb or larger than 24" on any side.