Create an Account

To sign up for an account, review our Services & Pricing page and then contact us.


Ship Inventory to Us

Once you have an account, we will provide you a unique shipping address identifier so that your items are easily identified upon arrival in our warehouse. We enter all inventory into EPIC, our client portal, so that you know what is here at all times.


Inventory Arrives

When we receive your items, we will send you a notification, including quantity received, visual damage, and anything else we note about your shipment. If you requested an in depth inspection or other services, they will happen here. 


Process Inventory

We process your outbound shipment of items and perform any work you request. This may include inspection, FNSKU labeling, poly bagging, or other services. When your items are ready to ship, we generate the shipping labels via our API from your Amazon account.


We Ship Inventory

UPS / FBA labels are either sent to us via your Amazon Seller Central Account, or we log into your Amazon account and generate the shipping labels ourselves. We then ship your order to Amazon.

See Our Team At Work

Why choose our FBA Prep Center?

We love what we do and we have an exceptional team with a combined 70+ years of Amazon knowledge!

Majority of our team members have been here over 5 years. Check out our Meet The Team page to learn more about our amazing staff.

You will also get to see the team in action in this video.