Brownstone International Inc., Amazon Oregon Prep Center
Brownstone International, inc.

Looking for a reliable company to help get your international shipments into the USA? Look no further! Brownstone International has worked with many of our clients to help them with the entire shipping and customs process.

Flex Logistics - International Shipping Carrier, Amazon Oregon Prep Center
Flex logistics

Flex Logistics is another company that can help support you with international shipping. Whether it be shipping into the USA or elsewhere overseas. If you are interested in expanding your Amazon store into the EU, they can also help you with your inventory prep, storage and forwarding.

Alibaba - Manufacturing companies, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

Found a product that looks promising to sell on Amazon? Check out Alibaba to help find the perfect manufacturer to get that new product into production and on the market!

Alibaba will connect you with manufacturers, show you how long they’ve been in business as well as reviews.

Inventory Lab - Inventory Tracker, Amazon Oregon Prep Center
Inventory Lab

Inventory Lab is a third-party inventory management software.

It has the ability to not only track your expenses & finances, but you can create your Amazon shipments and generate your FBA shipping labels through their platform as well.

Jungle Scout, Amazon Oregon Prep Center
Jungle scout

Jungle Scout will help you with your product research. They help you not only find a good product on Amazon, it will help you with sales history, researching keywords and even let you “spy” on your competitors.

ScribeHow - Turn your processes into quick documents, Amazon Oregon Prep Center
Scribe How

Do you have a growing team, VA or just need better process documents so that everyone is doing the same thing all the time?

ScribeHow is absolutely amazing for creating quick and great looking documentation. Turn it on, do the process on your screen, tell it your done, and ScribeHow will then write an entire process document, with screenshots, based on the actions you took on your screen(s).

Keepa, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

Keepa is an Amazon price tracker. It is an extension that you can add to your window browser.

It is known for tracking the history of a product sold on Amazon  (buy box history, sales rank, price history). Aside from the data they show you, Keepa also has a feature that provides daily deals.

CamelCamelCamel, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

CamelCamelCamel is also a free Amazon price tracker. They also have a browser extension that you can utilize. It will track sales history, price drops, etc.

Profit Bandit, Amazon Oregon Prep Center
Profit bandit

Profit Bandit is perfect for those Retail Arbitrage sellers. It is an app that you can download onto your phone. It will use your phone camera as a barcode scanner. While you are out and about shopping, you can scan the barcode on products in the app and get it’s Amazon sales details. The report you get back has much more than the sales details. Who has the buybox, sales rank, calculate your profit, etc.

UnicornSmasherPro, Amazon Oregon Prep Center
Unicorn Smasher Pro

Unicorn Smasher Pro is another product research website. It is meant to work alongside AMZ Tracker. It is a chrome extension and comes with a dashboard that comes with sales ranking, sales numbers based on the past month of sales on Amazon, etc. 

AMZ Tracker, Amazon Oregon Prep Center
AMZ Tracker

Increase your product ranking with AMZ Tracker. This site helps you track product keywords, competitor analysis and works along side Unicorn Smasher Pro, although you do not need Unicorn Smasher Pro to use it. 

Helium 10, Amazon Oregon Prep Center
Helium 10

Helium 10 will help you with product research, keyword research as well at listing optimization. This isn’t just used for Amazon sellers, but can also be used for other platforms such as Wal-mart.

FBA Bee Box, Prep Center
FBABeeBox – spain

FBABeeBox is an international prep center that supports sellers selling in Amazon Spain and surrounding areas.

Easy FBA Prep, Prep Center
Easy FBA Prep – Australia

Looking to expand into Amazon Australia? Easy FBA Prep is an international prep center that supports sellers selling in Australia.

FBAPrepared, Amazon Oregon Prep Center
FBAPrepared – PAN-eu

FBAPrepared is an international prep center that supports sellers selling in Amazon EU and surrounding areas.

Blue 30 3PL, UK, Amazon Prep Center
BLUE 30 – UK

Blue30 is a prominent UK based Amazon prep centre, who excel in various FBA prep tasks. Their success stems from exceptional communication, streamlined workflows, and state-of-the-art technology. They provide a range of supplementary services to meet all ecommerce requirements, including multi platform fulfilment, long and short-term storage, container unloading, item reworks, cross-docking, global freight and customs solutions, return management, kitting services, and customisable branding and packaging options.