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FBA Prep and Inspection Services

We specialize in working with Amazon FBA sellers on all types of products. We offer receiving, freight forwarding, inspection, prep, labeling, storage services, and much more.

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21,265 sq foot warehouse

Here's a picture of our warehouse in Hillsboro, Oregon. We have 16 employees, and plenty of space available to help you grow your business.

About Us

Locally And Family Owned

This is a photo of our Founder and CEO, Jim McKenzie Smith, and his family. Jim started the business in 2004.

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FBA Freight Forwarding, Prep, Inspection, and Labeling Services for Amazon Sellers.

FBA Prep Services

We provide 3PL services for Amazon FBA Sellers who specialize in private label, wholesale, or online arbitrage. We have experience in both Seller Central and Vendor Express.

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FBA Removals

FBA removal orders are one of our specialties. We will inspect, relabel, store, ship back to Amazon, or ship to any other destination.

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Our Location

We are located in sales tax free Oregon. Our 21,265 sq foot warehouse is in Hillsboro, which is just west of Portland, Oregon, in the USA.

About Us

FBA Storage

Storage rates at Amazon are skyrocketing! Store the majority of your Amazon FBA inventory with us, then ship into the Amazon warehouse as needed to replenish your inventory.

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More Information On Our Services


We have the warehouse space and readily available labor to receive shipments as small as a few boxes or as large as 40 foot containers. We will help you scale your business without the need to lease your own warehouse and hire employees.


We have accurate and efficient inspection services. From basic exterior carton checks, to detailed unit by unit inspections.

Freight Forwarding Services and LTL Freight Shipping

We offer carton forwarding services (freight forwarding), priced per carton and per pallet. We can palletize and help you save money by transitioning to LTL freight shipments as well as leveraging UPS’ low shipping rates.

Labeling - Kitting - Bundling - Photography

We can make any adjustments needed to your shipments before sending into Amazon FBA. This includes labeling, kitting, bundling, photography and more.


We provide additional warehouse storage as needed at better rates than Amazon. Split your shipments by sending part to Amazon, and storing the remainder with us. As the stock on Amazon runs low, we replenish as needed.

Status Updates

We love great communication. We keep you updated with the current status of your shipment. From receipt to inspection, to shipping, we keep you informed every step of the way.

Customs Brokerage Service Packages

We have door-to-door solutions to import your products from overseas to our warehouse in the US, and then into Amazon FBA from there. We have solutions available whether or not you reside in the United States. Check out our Customs Brokerage Package For US-based Importers or our Customs Brokerage Package For Foreign Importers.

undo Amazon FBA Removal Orders

We can help you avoid Amazon long-term storage fees by removing inventory to store in our warehouse at lower storage rates. We can also relabel the inventory and/or send it wherever you want.