Amazon meltable products, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

Thinking of sending in meltable products such as candy, candles, or (some) makeup to Amazon?

Here’s what you need to know to make sure you don’t get hit with restrictions on “meltable” products.

Why does Amazon care if my products are meltable?

Amazon’s facilities are temperature controlled. But while they might want to, Amazon cannot control the weather outside. Therefore, they’ve implemented a policy to ensure that during traditionally warm months, no meltable products are sold. This is for your benefit – they want your end customers to have a great experience that doesn’t involve melted chocolate inside their brown box. 

When can I safely send in meltable inventory?

Amazon accepts meltable inventory between October 1st and April 1st. After that, no more. Our recommendation is that you do not send meltable inventory after March, due to Amazon receiving times. 

Removal orders for meltable products are mandatory and must be submitted by April 15 of each year. 

What are some tips?

Do not order a lot of meltable inventory at once, unless you’re positive it’s a hot seller (no pun intended!)

Check in with your 3PL to see if they are equipped to handle or store meltable products, especially before submitting a removal. 


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