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Amazon 2d Barcodes & How to Enable Them

2d barcodes are amazing and help your shipments get checked into Amazon quickly and more accurately.

If you are an online arbitrage or wholesale seller, 2d barcodes are your best friend when it comes to Amazon!

What are 2d barcodes?

2d barcodes are labels that you put on the outside of your box near the shipping labels. These labels contain information about your shipment, such as what skus are packed inside the box and how many units per sku are in the box. They even hold the expiration dates of your products if applicable. Once the box arrives at Amazon, they will scan the 2d barcode and it will tell them everything they should expect to see inside.

It helps the receiver at Amazon receive your units with better accuracy than if they were counting everything individually.

We have also noticed that for clients with 2d barcodes, Amazon has less trouble checking in their units. Therefore, they do not need to dispute Amazon as often regarding how many units of each item they sent in. 

Since 2d barcodes save time during the receiving process, it means your units get checked in faster and are therefore available for sale as soon as possible.

How much do 2d barcodes cost?

2d barcodes are free! (Well, not the cost of the actual sticker….but the service type is free!) 

How do I turn on 2d barcodes in my Amazon account?

Please follow the steps below. 

1. Click the gear wheel for “Settings”

2. At the bottom of the settings list, choose “Fulfilled by Amazon” 

3. Under “Inbound Settings,” click “Edit” in the top right corner

4. The third item from the top is “2d barcodes.” Select “enable,” and save!

If you’re a current client of ours, please let us know once you’ve turned on the 2d Barcodes so we can turn them on in EPIC for you as well!

What happens if I don’t use 2d barcodes at home?

Some of our clients also process shipments at home, and they do not print or use 2d barcodes. Just don’t select 2d barcodes, and enter in your packaging information as you normally would! 🙂


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