Our Software Is EPIC, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

One reason so many people LOVE working with McKenzie Services is our client portal, EPIC!

EPIC is an incredible way to track inventory that requires little work on your end.

EPIC Buttons and Options for tracking Amazon Inventory

Review Your Inventory:

  1. You never have to enter your shipments, tracking numbers, or UPCs before ordering from your suppliers. All you have to do is focus on ordering. Once your items are here, we take care of uploading your product into our system!
  2. You can choose to receive daily Receiving Reports via email, so you know what has arrived. But if that’s not your jam, you are welcome to NOT receive those reports, and check in with EPIC at your leisure. 
  3. If you need to reconcile your inventory, you can download receiving reports within the dated window of your choosing, and these reports will include tracking numbers as well as what was received.
  4. Our intake department leaves notes in EPIC if any items are damaged or there is missing information. 
  5. You have the ability to leave client comments for your Account Manager, indicating what you’d like to do with the units marked as “research” or “damaged,” or any other units. 

Submit Your Shipment:

  1. It is super easy to submit a preshipment in EPIC. You fill out a quick form in the portal, and that form sends an email to your Account Manager,  which tells us you are ready for a shipment to Amazon. After that, your Account Manager will handle the rest, reaching out only if needed in order to make sure your shipment makes it to Amazon the way you intended.
  2. It is really easy to indicate that bundling is needed on your shipment. 
  3. Ability to mark your job as a “rush” and pay a fee to have it put at the top of the queue!

Review Your Completed Shipment:

  1. Review your shipment once created, and watch it go from in-process to complete. You will be able to see who worked on your shipment, and how it was packaged.
  2. Since we use Amazon’s API to create the shipments in EPIC and to retrieve shipping labels, that means we typically don’t need to bother with the new workflow unless there are extenuating circumstances. However, your Account Manager is also well-versed in the new workflow, should situations arise where it’s needed.

Best of all, you’ll have an account manager who’s there every step of the way to help with any concerns or fixes needed. 

Upcoming Additions to Our Software:

  1. Ability to download packaging reports for Amazon disputes. Currently, your account manager has this ability, and can provide our Wholesale and Online Arbitrage clients with packaging reports upon request. However, we are working on adding the ability to download the reports on the client side, to make things even easier. 
  2. Ability to view previous bills in EPIC
  3. Ability to upload paperwork to your account

If you’re a current client, what features are you interested in seeing implemented in EPIC in the future?

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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