Why Did Amazon Reject Our Client's Shipment, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

A few months ago, we sent a large shipment to a Canadian FBA Facility for a client. Everything went according to plan, until we received a voicemail from the carrier. They stated that Amazon rejected the shipment and to please call them back. They also suggested that we were not the only people whose shipments had gotten rejected.

We called the carrier and it turned out that the Amazon facility was not yet open for business. As Amazon assigns the facility themselves, there must have been a glitch in their system when this facility was assigned.

So what did we do?

We helped arrange for the shipment to come back to us. Even though the client lives in Canada, the shipment was already in New York when the carrier called – so it was not possible to send the shipment the shorter distance from the facility to the client. 

What happened next?

The carrier billed for the return of the shipment. We must pass these charges onto the client. However, since this is not the fault of the client, we have been working with them to gather paperwork for Amazon. They will need to turn in this paperwork in order to get a refund from Amazon for the cost of shipping both ways. 

In the meantime we will store their product until they are ready to ship again.

When things don’t go as planned, we understand! While some circumstances are out of even our own control, we will work with you, the carrier, and Amazon to resolve the issue. While Amazon will not let us speak on your behalf, we will give you any paperwork or documentation needed to help your case.

Our client will get reimbursed from Amazon. Until then, we are there to support them each step of the way. 


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