In addition to inspiration for Online Arbitrage sellers, we wanted to give some product ideas for Private Label sellers who are looking for new products to develop and sell under their brands. 

Where to start:

Have you ever used a product that you feel could be vastly improved? Have you ever seen a product that made you think, I could make that too

Health and Wellness:

Health and Wellness have been trending for multiple years now, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon (which is a great thing all around!) Consider developing your own line of fitness equipment and accessories. For example, resistance bands, yoga mats, indoor trampolines, and small weights. You may even decide to venture into fitness clothing. 

Home Improvement:

You may have also noticed that home organization is popular as ever as well. People are interested in minimalist decor, in light pastels and neutrals. They’re also interested in organization solutions such as storage bins, closet organizers, drawer dividers, and the like. Consider also, wall decals, painting sets, and furniture restoration kits. 


Not that hobbies ever left, but it seems there has been a resurgence in online communities about hobbies, and people are looking to get into new activities to wind down from work and life stressors. 

Some ideas for hobbies are:

  • Art supplies/kits – paint by numbers, beading kits, screen printing kits, tie dye kits, or others. Basically, any kit that holds all materials needed to complete a certain craft.
  • Another kit idea is “Girls’ Night” kits. These could include cups for drinks (alcoholic or non), games or other group activities, movies, and more. This is a fun idea with endless possibilities. 
  • Coloring books and marker sets – you could create your own coloring book if you’re an artist!
  • Baking kits – like trays/cake pans, frosting bags and tips.  Everything you need to make a cake that isn’t edible or perishable. 

Fashion and Accessories:

People are loving matching sets in soft fabrics, plain oversized graphic tees that shout out cities, fashion accessories, and sneakers, as well as dupes  for popular products – but beware of legal issues, and the fact that trends can change so fast, by the time you have something manufactured, the “next thing” might have hit. 

Baby and Kids:

You may not want to jump into the world of kids furniture as there are many (necessary) safety guidelines to adhere to, but what about other items like flashcards, educational toys, blocks, clothing, or accessories? You’ll still have safety standards to follow, of course, but if you have a really great idea for kids items, why not give it a shot?

Pet Supplies: 

Finally, pet supplies are always in season. Whether special leashes, raised cat food bowls to help with whisker fatigue, interactive enrichment toys, scratching posts, puzzle feeders, or even costumes, the pet market is wide. 

We hope this sparks an idea in you that helps your business grow! 

Disclaimer: These are just ideas – do your own brainstorming, research, and check in with your legal team if you have any questions about the legality of selling or manufacturing any of the above products or similar. 

Your business is your business, but we are here to support you – we are happy to receive and photograph prototypes, receive and store your creations, and help you get them to Amazon so you can see your business grow. 

Let us know if you use any of these product ideas for Private Label sellers, and how they turn out!

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