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Want to make money fast on Amazon FBA?

You might meet a friend for coffee, attend a networking event, or hear from a colleague or even (especially) a Youtube video, that getting rich on Amazon’s FBA platform is easy. You just list a few items for sale, sit back, and watch the cash roll in. With all the extra money, you can quit your day job and travel the world while your Amazon Account practically manages itself. That’s an amazing dream to have – and it is a dream.

The truth is, while there is great success to be found as an Amazon seller, there is also great responsibility. 

When starting your business, you are responsible for everything from ordering to setting up your account and creating listings, to prepping and packing the units to Amazon’s standards, learning all of Amazon’s rules and requirements, and more. Also, don’t forget about the labels and supplies you’ll need. 

Knowing how to do all of this, and what is needed to accomplish it, will help when you are ready to outsource some or all of that work. 

However, even when working with a prep center or an individual who can take a lot of the work from your plate, you will still need to be available at times to respond to inquiries or problem solve – after all, your prep center wants to do right by you, and should never send something to Amazon on your behalf that they are unsure about.

Your responsibilities may still include:

And also, you will want to keep an eye on your prep center.

While there are many amazing, reputable, professional prep centers out there like us, there are also many who are unorganized, lose or mishandle inventory, or take a long time to process shipments. These days, anyone can make a website, not to mention that the cheaper (too-good-to-be-true) prices might indicate a garage operation with only 1-2 employees. So please, do your due diligence when hiring a prep center, and be prepared to be in communication with them fairly often. 

However, just because Amazon is not going to make you a millionaire within mere weeks, it does not mean it’s not worth it to try it out!

There is a lot of trial and error involved, but it can be rewarding to own your own business, figure out which products sell the most and bring the most people to your storefront, and even develop and sell your own products. It’s a long game, but if you play it right, you just might become one of the lucky ones who is able to turn their Seller Central account into a well-oiled machine, hire and work with trusted suppliers and prep centers and virtual assistants, and yes, travel and enjoy life while making money. 

And take with a grain of salt anyone who tries to sell you on the idea that you can make money fast on Amazon FBA – they may have found lighting in a bottle, or they may be trying to ramp up their youtube views to supplement their FBA income. 

If you are a seasoned seller, comment below if you have any tips or tricks for new sellers looking to have longevity in the business! A small comment could go a long way 🙂

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