Why Work with a Prep Center?, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

If you’ve never worked with a prep center before, you might wonder what the point is. It might seem daunting to pay for the services, with such tight margins on your products. However, did you know that working with a prep center can help minimize warnings on Amazon, scale your business to larger volume, and give you back some free time?

Scaling Your Business

  • You may not need storage at this time, however, Amazon often tightens their storage restrictions. If you have a relationship with a Prep Center, you will have somewhere to send your products to if you can’t store them at Amazon. Bonus, our storage is less expensive than Amazon’s storage! 
  • If you do need storage and drip feeding, we can help with that as well. We have a spacious warehouse including ample pallet racking, so storage is never an issue. 
  • You can order more, because we can handle more, and therefore you can sell more. 
  • You will not need to order your own supplies, with few exceptions. We keep all necessary supplies on hand and many of our supplies are built into the pricing. However, whenever we think special supplies are needed, we will make sure to talk with you before ordering anything and charging you. 

Take Back Your Free Time  – Or Put More Time into Your Business 

  • With a prep center like us taking care of receiving, processing, and shipping your units, you are left with ordering and reconciling, and will be able to take back some of your free time to do whatever you see fit – whether that’s spend more time with the family, or keep building your empire. 
  • You also will have more time to scout or design more products for your business. 
  • McKenzie Services’ software specifically makes it very easy to submit a shipment, and we take it from there, doing the labeling, packaging, and getting the shipping labels all on our software. You can view the progress of the shipment in our portal. 

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We Make Amazon Happy & Can Help When Issues Arise

  • We know all of Amazon’s rules and requirements for everything from pallet height and weight requirements to prep rules for each category, so you can rest assured that your units are packaged safely, securely, and to standard. 
  • We can provide packaging reports to prove what was sent and how it was packaged when Amazon says they under or over received units. These typically resolve any dispute about the number of units sent. 
  • We are part of Amazon’s Service Provider Network, and we work well together.

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