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Shipping labels on Amazon are more complicated than they appear. When sending to FBA, we use Amazon’s Preferred Partner to generate postage, and so do our clients. However, there are some questions or concerns that come up time and time again. So we wanted to share with you some key things to know about postage on Amazon.

  • FBA Label/Carton Label/Box Label 

All packages going to Amazon, regardless of shipping method (Small Parcel or LTL), require an FBA Label, also known as a Carton Label. This label is NOT a shipping label, and the box cannot be mailed with this label alone. This label is an identifying label that tells Amazon, among other things, the “From” address, the shipping destination, the FBA ID, and all other pertinent information for receiving this package into the correct Seller Account. You will receive 1 label per box. 

Please do not obscure or cover this label in any way. 

  • Shipping Label (Small Parcel)

This is the postage label that you are purchasing from Amazon or another carrier, that the carrier scans along the journey from yourself or your supplier/3PL to Amazon. You will receive 1 label per box. 

  • Pallet Label (LTL only)

When you pay for postage on an LTL shipment, you will receive four labels per pallet. These labels go on each side of the wrapped pallet. Please do not obscure or cover this label in any way. This is the LTL equivalent of a shipping label. 

Did you know? 

Once Small Parcel shipping labels are generated (once you pay), you have 24 hours to void them if needed. If you do need to void them, the entire shipment will be deleted as well, unless you are using API software such as our own EPIC. You will need to redo the shipment on Amazon in order to generate new postage.

Once LTL Pallet Labels are generated (once you pay), you have 1 hour (sometimes less!) to void those. 

This is why we advise our clients to wait for our green light before generating and paying for postage for LTL. This is for your protection.

Amazon now has a nifty pallet estimate section, where they estimate the number of pallets a shipment will use as well as the weight and height of the pallets. Don’t be fooled.  Not only is it inaccurate to begin with, but if the shipment does not work as planned (say, you need to adjust the number of units going to Amazon), then you are going to be trapped in a corner.

Our rule at our facility is that if you generate your own postage, you must wait for us to provide you with pallet details before providing us with pallet labels. 

What is your experience with postage on Amazon? Is there something we did not cover that you are curious about?

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