There are so many benefits to using McKenzie Services as a prep center, but one of the obvious (besides our amazing customer service and accuracy) is the fact that we are located in Oregon.

Being located in Oregon gives us a few advantages over other prep centers in other states.

Oregon is a Tax Free State

There are a few benefits to this alone:

  • You have more spending power. Simply put, you do not need to waste money on sales tax, and therefore, can put more of your budget towards purchasing items to sell.
  • This might manifest as purchasing more of your best selling products, or being able to take risks to see what else might do well. 

We are located on the West Coast

  • This makes it easier for importing, especially container shipments. Once the shipments come into port, usually in Seattle, they are at our door as quickly as possible.
  • This means less wait time for us to receive your products, get them into our inventory, and ship them off to Amazon at your request.

There is a large FBA Distribution Center in Stockton, California, where many shipments from our facility are routed to. 

  • This saves you money on shipping to Amazon, gets your units checked in more quickly (because they arrived so fast), and are therefore available for sales quickly. So you get paid faster, and your end customer receives their purchases so fast. 

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