Why startan Amazon FBA Business in 2024, Amazon FBA Oregon Prep Center

There are many reasons to start an Amazon FBA business in 2024.

While running a business can be tough, many people also find it incredibly rewarding. Whether this is your first time considering running a business, or you already have three, or five, here’s why we think you should start an Amazon FBA business.

Learn about running a business (or expand on knowledge) as well as marketing, product development, and more 

In today’s economy one can never be sure what will happen next. One way to be more secure is to keep expanding your skills. Learning the ins and outs of running a business is invaluable. Between product development to marketing and everything in between, your skills will set you apart if you decide to change careers or make a professional pivot of any kind. Your day job and side job can coexist and work together to make you more marketable and profitable.   

Make additional income

Everyone can do with a bit of extra income. While it might start out slow, your business can become a way to ensure your bank account keeps growing. Yes – it costs money to run a business. But if you work hard and are lucky, you will find that the profits soon exceed the costs.

Be exposed to Amazon’s built-in customer base.

One of the hardest parts of starting a new business is making sure your product finds its customers, and building a platform or reputable website. However, with Amazon’s built-in customer base, you will find your audience in no time. Their algorithm will see to it!

Become your own boss

A little independence can go a long way. If you’ve ever thought your great ideas are not getting the chance to flourish under someone else’s leadership, now is your chance to flourish! Sink or swim, you get to try it your way.

Network and expand your world!

Amazon FBA has a lot of networking opportunities, conferences, forums, and more. You will have the chance to meet other entrepreneurs to befriend, or even partner with on new business ventures! The possibilities are unlimited, and there is always a support network.

At the end of the day, if your business does not succeed, you have come away with more knowledge, contacts, and skills than you had before.

Bonus – you might get to work with us!

We are located in Oregon, a sales-tax free state, we offer competitive storage rates, and we know all about prepping, labeling, and shipping your products to Amazon’s standards! Our knowledgeable Account Managers are always here to help you with any questions or concerns you have. We are also able to coordinate shipping around the globe, accept removals, and work on special projects and requests. Whether you are fairly new, or a seasoned seller, reach out today to get our rates and talk with us about your business needs and goals! We’d love to help. 

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