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One thing that a 3PL like us is great for is quality control, especially for Private Label sellers who do carton forwarding. While it may be tempting to send your cartons straight into Amazon, here are some examples of the quality control and care we provide when you use our facility:


Check for damages upon receiving. 

  • If your cartons came from a container, a few might be a bit waterlogged. We’ll set those aside to inspect at the end so we can see which of your units can be saved. 
  • If a carton looks beat up on the outside, for example, there is a hole(s), we will open the carton and make sure the units inside are unharmed
  • If the units inside have damaged packaging or are damaged entirely, we will reach out to you for next steps

We can also open cartons and spot check for everything you asked your supplier to do – such as check for the FNSKU, or any branding stickers/bands, and more. 

Sometimes, we’ve had clients ask us to check the labels on a particular sku, because Amazon complained they could not scan them (Amazon scanners do not like shiny stickers) – then depending on the results, they have asked us to relabel the units so they don’t get penalized at Amazon again (we match Amazon’s pricing for this service).

We can also confirm that cartons are not mixed sku, or receive a carton that is mixed sku and separate it before forwarding to Amazon (Amazon accepts single sku casepacks for carton forwarding only). 

This is all beneficial to sellers like you, because:

The work we do helps you avoid extra charges from Amazon (or customer returns!) by making sure all is well before it gets there.

Moreover, if you run into any issues where you need short or long term storage, we can store it for you at a lower cost than Amazon.

We have an attention to detail, work efficiently, and are familiar with Amazon’s rules and standard practices, so you can rest assured that your units will make it to Amazon quickly and well-prepared when you are ready to have them sent in. 

Reach out today via chat, contact us form, or email for more information. 

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