Counterfeiting Can Get You in Hot Water, Amazon FBA Oregon Prep Center

When you sell on Amazon, there are many reasons Amazon might shut down your store… 

Even well-meaning sellers can get into hot water. 

While selling with Amazon can be a profitable, pleasant experience, Amazon has strict rules and guidelines for keeping your account in active status. They have many rules, and any violation can result in your account being closed. If they so much as believe you may be violating any of their policies,  they will shut down your account first and ask questions later. One such policy is the counterfeit policy, which they take very seriously.

Read the policy straight from Amazon here & here

If Amazon ever does warn you or shut down your account regarding Counterfeit units, and you know this was a mistake, they may ask you to provide packing slips for units you’ve ordered. If you work with us and need packing slips, please note we keep packing slips for 3 months, but not every supplier includes them with your orders. However we will always do our best to get you the information you need. 

What should you do if you believe someone is selling counterfeits of YOUR products? We have had a few clients reach out to us after filing a claim with Amazon. They have usually ordered the fake product and had it sent to our facility, and asked us to take photos for them. We can definitely do this, so please feel free to reach out if photos are needed. 

Keep in mind, Amazon will also take action if they believe you are unauthorized to sell something in general, counterfeit or not. 

Make sure your ducks are always in a row:

  • Only buy from legitimate suppliers and manufacturers
  • Make sure the brand allows other sellers besides themselves to sell the items
  • Never hesitate to reach out if you need some help. That’s what we’re here for! 
    • Even though there many are reasons Amazon might shut down your store, some of them are very fixable!


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