Peak Fulfillment Fees 2023, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

Amazon has announced their Peak Fulfillment Fees for the upcoming holiday season. 

These fulfillment fees will be the same as they were in 2022, and the date range this year is October 15, 2023-January 15, 2024.

What this means is that when you are generating shipping labels through the Preferred Partner rates on Seller Central, you will see slightly higher shipping rates than usual. However, Amazon assures sellers that their average fulfillment rates during this timecontinue to be 30% less expensive than slower standard shipping methods of other major third-party logistics providers.

Please note that shipping fees are also dependent on the destination, and only Amazon is in charge of choosing the destination. What they choose is dependent on where they feel your products will sell the most, the fastest, based on past sales data, as well as what fulfillment centers are equipped to handle that type of product. Many shipments from our facility get routed to Stockton California. It’s very close and therefore, shipping rates from us to Stockton, are typically inexpensive.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email if you are a current client, or reach out via the Contact Us form if you are not yet a client.

Wishing you all a wonderful, fruitful Holiday Season!

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