Insight Into Our Removal Process, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

We have received a lot of removal requests recently, and we understand how opaque the process can be. We are here to make it easy! 

Did you know that, even if you send your items case-packed to Amazon, your units are unpacked upon arrival? Therefore, if and when you need to initiate a removal, your units are no longer in a few condensed packages. So when you initiate a removal, please be aware that your units will arrive divided between many boxes and plastic envelopes and can take a while to be delivered. 

We have a lot of experience processing removals at McKenzie Services, and we offer both basic and enhanced packages to suit your business needs and budget. If you are looking to use our services for a removal, please fill out the contact us form so we can gather more information from you. If you are a current client, please send us an email to get started, as we do not accept removals without prior approval from the account managers. 

So what is our process?

Here is a basic overview of what happens once you are approved to send us your removal:

  1. We will receive all packages and place them on a pallet(s) until we have received the total amount, or removals have stopped trickling in. It is important to note that while Amazon might approve a removal request for a certain number of units, the actual number of units received varies. 
  2. Once we have received all we expect to receive, we will open the packages. If you’ve opted for the enhanced removal, we will scan the tracking numbers and contents per package into our software as a record of what was received. If you’ve opted for the basic program, we will skip this step.
  3. We will do relabeling (if necessary/requested) and case-pack the units. 
  4. The case-packed cartons will be uploaded into our software for the record.
  5. It is up to you what happens next. We can store the products until you are ready to ship to Amazon, or elsewhere. Or, if you’re ready, we can ship them back into Amazon right away. We will just need access to the Amazon account, or we will need you to provide the shipping labels. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are in need of a facility to process your removals! We are happy to help.


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