Low-price FBA Rates Replaces Small & Light Program, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

Amazon has decided to end their Small and Light program. Instead, they are offering Low-Price FBA rates.

The Small and Light program lowered shipping fees for products that sold under a certain dollar amount, but the shipping speed was also lower, meaning your end customer received the product later than if your product was not enrolled in the program.

Now, in the Low-Price FBA rates, sellers who sell low-dollar items will receive the same shipping speed as other sellers not enrolled in the program.

You’ll pay slightly more in fees than with Small and Light, but your customers will receive the item faster.

If your product is below $10.00, it is eligible for this new program. There are no other contingencies. Another big benefit to participating is that you won’t be subject to 2023 Holiday Peak Fulfillment fees, which run from October 15, 2023 to January 14, 2024. 

If this change affects you, how do you feel about it and its effect on your business?

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