Weight Matters - For Your Products, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

Did you know that if you sell an item that is specifically dependent on weight, your customers are weighing the product once received?

For example, let’s say you sell jars or containers of chia seeds. If you advertise the item as weighing 16 oz, then it is best if the final customer receives a jar that truly weighs 16 oz. If your supplier accidentally underfills the jars, you can be held liable for it in your customer reviews, and ultimately get your listing suspended or removed.

So what should you do if this happens?

One way to prevent this from happening is to use a 3PL like us to receive your units before they get to Amazon. Upon request, we can weigh the units for you. If they are underweight, and you need to update the listing to reflect a more accurate weight, we can help by relabeling the units with the new FNSKUs.

If your products are already at an Amazon Facility, and you’re receiving bad reviews, you may want to initiate a removal to a facility such as ours that can receive, relabel, case-pack, and send back in under a new or modified listing. 

Please note we do not accept removals without prior approval, but it is an easy process to get approved. Fill out the Contact Us form today to see if we can work together!

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