Common Misconceptions About Amazon, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

As a company that works almost exclusively with Amazon sellers, we see and hear a lot of misconceptions about selling on Amazon. Here are 3 misconceptions we have heard consistently:

1.) People have to choose to support Amazon OR support small businesses.

Most people are unaware that much of what we purchase from Amazon comes from Small Businesses. In fact, Small and Medium businesses make up about 60% of sales on Amazon.

2.) According to Forbes, one of the most common misconceptions is that you have to invent your own product to sell to be successful on Amazon.

In our experience, that is absolutely not true. While we have clients who have invented their own products and have great success, we also have many clients who are resellers. Imagine a small boutique that sells a curated selection with a theme. Now imagine that same store is an Amazon storefront. You do not have to reinvent the wheel.

3.) Another misconception is that you either need to do everything yourself, or hire a bunch of employees to work for you in order to get started.

While we do recommend receiving and processing shipments on your own in the beginning to get a feel for the needs of your business, you should consider if hiring a 3PL like us will help you get where you want to go. We can do all of the receiving, packaging, prep, and shipping you need. Plus, storage at our facility is less expensive than storage at Amazon, so you get more bang for your buck whenever you need to slow down on shipping.

Image of a Small Business Owner doing it all!

If you’re a long-time FBA seller, what are some things you heard about selling on Amazon that you’ve found to be entirely untrue?

What is something that surprised you when you started to sell on Amazon?

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