Why Leave OA For Wholesale?, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

Some retail companies are becoming increasingly hostile to OA sellers.

Although resale is totally legal, many brands and stores do not want their items resold, and they will do as much as they can to prevent you from reselling, even blocking certain addresses in their system. 

• They refuse to authorize the sale of their items, resulting in you getting gated or needing to return units they won’t let you sell.  

• They do not always send packing slips with their shipments.

• They require extra verification for returns, such as photos, or require you to go out of your way to do the return.

Ultimately it seems less expensive to be an OA seller but it can be a big headache, cost more in the long term, and cause lost profits.

It seems like such a pain in the neck. If you’re able to do so, pivoting to wholesale might save your business. 

When you purchase wholesale, you are typically purchasing fifty, one hundred, or more of a single item at a good price from a reputable wholesaler. You are now authorized to sell this product with way less of a hassle.

It’s easier to get ungated in Amazon categories as you have the suppliers approval to be a reseller. Also, no more having to make returns when you’re no longer allowed to sell something! And, unless something arrives broken or damaged, you’ll have to deal with less returns, less receipts, and less suppliers. That is a sweet deal!

You may have also noticed that preparing wholesale units is often less expensive at a prep center like ours than it is to prep online arbitrage units. That is because, the more units per sku, and the less skus, the easier it is to prep efficiently and accurately. 

Have you thought about going into wholesale? Reach out to us today so that we can help get the ball rolling! 

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