What to Know Before Contacting a Prep Center, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

Finding a Prep Center For Your Amazon FBA Business

When you first start your Amazon FBA business, you are probably overwhelmed, excited, and hopeful. You’re doing the best you can to get organized and make sure your store is set up for success from the beginning. We get a lot of calls from eager new sellers who are ready to hire a prep center so that their first batch of units has a destination. But sometimes, it turns out that we need more information before we can begin a partnership with you. 

Therefore, we wanted to share what we are looking for when establishing a new client.

  1. What type of seller are you? Online arbitrage? Wholesale? Private Label?
  2. What are the products? Do you have any liquids, or hazardous materials?
  3. What type of services or prep do you need? Do you need the units polybagged or labeled? Or are you doing simple carton forwarding, which does not require us to open any of the cartons?
  4. How long have you been selling on Amazon, and how many units per month do you plan on having us process if you’re an OA or Wholesale seller? When it comes to OA and Wholesale clients, we prefer if you have experience creating and doing the physical prep work for at least a few shipments. That way, you are aware of the process and all of the nuances, as well as how Amazon’s platform works, and where it might fall short. 

On the phone or via email, we’ll have many questions. This is a good thing (and we encourage you to ask any questions that you have as well)! We want to make sure that we are the best fit for you, and vice versa. You deserve to have a prep center that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, and we believe that that’s us. But sometimes, we might not be the best fit. For example, if you primarily need FBM, we won’t be the right prep center for you. But when we can, we do offer recommendations of who you can contact so you don’t need to start from scratch.

By the way, if a friend or colleague referred you to our services, please let us know! We love referrals!

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