We Provide Insurance, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

We hope you’ve never had to deal with a fire or natural disaster wreaking havoc on your life or business, but if you have, you understand the importance of insuring your property so you can recoup your losses. That’s why we have insurance at our 3PL Warehouse. 

One thing that we do differently than many other prep centers is that we do not require you to get your own insurance for the items that you store with us. If your items are stored at our facility, they are covered under our insurance. This is at no additional cost to you and is factored into the pricing you already pay (by the way, have you checked out our new pricing model for Online Arbitrage and Wholesale sellers?)

For the insurance, each pallet position stored here has a coverage value. If you need to know the storage value of your pallet position (or have any other questions), please reach out to your Account Manager. 

A forklift driver in front of pallet racking about to move a pallet

By the way, when you store your items or cartons here with us, we take great care to ensure that all of your units are stored in a way that is safe and accessible. One way we do this is by making sure our pallets are to Amazon’s standards for weight and height, and if you store heavy units with us, we take great care to make sure none of your cartons are crushing the ones beneath. 

We take great pride in our facility and our safety practices that protect your products while they are stored with us. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out!

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