Long Term Storage Available at our Prep Center, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

Some prep centers do not have the capacity for long term carton storage, which can cause problems when issues unexpectedly arise. 

We had a client who had a container delivered to our facility last year. Upon its arrival, he asked us to check some units for quality control purposes. Unfortunately, it was discovered that there was a manufacturing defect. While he had originally intended to send all units to Amazon upon delivery, that was no longer an option. It’s a good thing, too, because if the units had made it to Amazon in their condition, the amount of returns and poor reviews could have been astronomical.

Because we have a large capacity for storage, we were able to store his units indefinitely while he communicated with his supplier. We were also able to send samples of the product to him as requested and provide photos when needed. And when he found a liquidator that suited his needs, we were able to coordinate shipping. 

Similarly, we had another client who discovered his VA accidentally listed his items on another seller’s Seller Central Account. He had many pallets shipped to us that also should have went right to Amazon – but when the mistake was discovered, our client had his work cut out for him. It was not as simple as unlisting the product on one store, and listing them on another instead. While he worked out what to do, we were able to safely store his products. Ultimately, he had to donate the units. We helped coordinate the donation with GG’s House, and he was able to get a donation receipt for his taxes. 

While neither of these circumstances were ideal for our clients, we did everything we could to help them. But one of the most helpful aspects was our capacity to store. Without pressure from us to move the units, they were able to take their time to figure out solutions that worked for them and their businesses moving forward.

We hope that both of these circumstances will never apply to you. But there are other reasons why you might choose to store long term with a prep center like us – one being that we do not have long-term storage fees, or special Q4 rates like Amazon does, so your storage will not fluctuate throughout the year. Instead, you can rest assured that your products are safe, and your bills are stable. 

If you are in need of long term storage, or are interested in shipping a container to a facility like ours, reach out to us today!

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