Issues with Rideshare Deliveries, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

Online Arbitrage sellers, beware:

When you order from some stores, such as Apple or Walmart, they often use Doordash, Uber, or similar companies for delivery. While this might sometimes be convenient, we have noticed some issues we wanted to bring to your attention: 

  1. The delivery drivers come right away – this is awesome, unless it is after (or before) hours. The drivers seem to have their own way of doing things – some will leave items outside if we are not here, and this has led to your units getting waterlogged at times, or left vulnerable to theft.
  2. Other drivers might have a hard time finding our facility as they are not used to looking for a warehouse vs. a house, leading them to marking your units as undeliverable and causing you a headache. 

How can you combat this?

Please choose a timeslot that is available during our operating hours, which are 8:30am to 4:30pm PST. This will help ensure that your units are delivered to us while we are open, so if they are left outside we can quickly grab them and make sure they get to our intake department. If you cannot choose a timeslot, but can leave a note, please do so. 

Please also feel free to use our phone number for these deliveries if possible – that way they can call us if they are having trouble locating us. Your Account Managers have been known to run out to the parking lot and wave so drivers are sure they’re at the right facility. 

We care about the safety of your items, and understand what a hassle returns or “undeliverable” orders can be, so please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

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