Behind the Scenes A Day in the Life of a McKenzie Services Production Team Member, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

We’ve covered what the Account Managers do, but what about the production team? 

In the mornings, the team supervisors review the job queue and make sure all jobs are assigned appropriately to everyone’s strengths and time constraints so that all jobs can be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Of course, rush jobs are at the top of the queue. (Please inquire with your account manager if you have any questions about rush jobs!)

Once the queue has been assigned, the team members take the job packets that AM has put together and address the jobs in order. The job packets include all needed materials such as picklists, FNSKU and other labels, and any special supplies needed. 

For production, the job process includes, but is not limited to, sorting, prepping, labeling, and packaging the items to Amazon’s standards, and telling EPIC how the shipments are packaged, so the Account Managers can get shipping labels. The team also completes projects such as removals and special requests. 

While most of the team works on the jobs, our intake team works on making sure everything is checked in as timely as possible while also quickly looking to check if items are in sellable condition. This is not an inspection (those are performed at request, at billable hours), but a quick check for obvious signs of damage. The intake team leaves notes in EPIC for any units that seem broken, or odd in some way.

We also have team members working on checking in cartons for our private label clients, and accepting deliveries throughout the day as cartons and items have different receiving processes. Others work on space management to make sure everything in the warehouse is organized, accessible, and safe. Throughout the day, the Account Managers may ask the team for information on a variety of products as requested by Amazon, such as product weight and dimensions. 

When we have a container delivery, all team members, including Account Managers, work together on receiving the containers. 

With all of our experience and years, we have built a foundation of processes that help ensure nothing slips through the cracks. We take your business as seriously as we take ours. We hope you enjoyed this peek behind the scenes. Let us know what else you’d like to learn about McKenzie Services!

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