How to Have a Good Relationship with Your FBA Prep Center, Amazon FBA Oregon Prep Center

We love working with all of our clients and wanted to share what our clients do that set them apart:

Our clients are responsive & communicative.

They have our email address saved in their address book so they don’t miss any communication from us. They are also responsive when we have questions, because they know it keeps the ball moving. And when they do not have an answer, they are sure to acknowledge our email anyway.

Our clients check in with us before assuming we can or will perform a specific task for us, and check in on updated pricing as well.

This way, there are no surprises on either end. For example, they check in before sending removals, customer returns (which we do not process), or other special requests. Having their advanced communication allows us to discuss what we can do so we can get back to them with an accurate pricing quote, list of questions, or a list of other facilities who may be able to help if we cannot.

Our clients submit their shipping plans in a timely manner, and if need be, they are prepared to pay the rush fee to move their job to the top of the queue. 

We value all of our clients’ time and needs – everyone wants their job to be done as soon as possible and we strive for that. However, if it is truly urgent that a client’s job is done in less time than usual, we recommend that they speak with their Account Manager about paying the rush fee. This rush fee gets your job to the top of the queue so that the next available team member can grab it and get it done ASAP. 

Our clients are great at balancing the relationship between themselves, us, and their suppliers. 

Most of the time, everything runs smoothly between all of the different channels. However, there are times we may notice that a supplier is consistently missing the mark on a particular area – maybe their packaging is subpar, or maybe they aren’t preparing your units in the way they promised you they would. We will always communicate what we notice with you. Please note that consistently damaged outer packaging that we need to repair will cost additional fees, as would any rework we need to do to fix supplier errors. At the same time, we understand that is a delicate balance and you will make decisions based on your business needs. We are here to help do any work that needs to be done. 

Our clients tell us when they believe we’ve made a mistake. 

We understand that business relationships do not always work out. However, if something goes wrong, please let us know as soon as possible, even if you’d still like to terminate the relationship. This helps us understand where we need to improve – moreover, some mistakes can be fixed, explained, or worked out. There is nothing worse than a client who ghosts us, leaving us to wonder what happened. Any client that comes to us and alerts us of a mistake we’ve made, knows that we will make that mistake right. If it is our fault, we will fix the error at our own expense, or a reduced fee (and we will communicate with you along the way!)

Sometimes, we can prove the error is not our fault. For example, Amazon has been known to relabel units for absolutely no reason, and then tell you they were labeled wrong. They also may say they received the incorrect amount of units when it was a counting error on their end. No matter the circumstances, even if we believe it is not our fault, we will walk you through the steps to rectify the situation. You are not alone! If you are unhappy with our services for any reason, please do not hesitate to let us know so we can make it right 🙂 

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