Preparing Liquid, Fragile, and Hazmat Items for Amazon FBA, Amazon FBA Oregon Prep Center

We are happy to process liquids and fragile items at our facility (and even some hazmat as well). Sometimes, these products incur additional fees. Did you know that Amazon requires some extra care when preparing liquid, fragile, and hazmat items for Amazon FBA?


Some sellers choose to sell cleaning products, makeup, or other liquids in their Amazon storefront. Depending on the brands and types of products they choose, there are different levels of prep needed to meet Amazon’s standards. 

If you are ordering items like these for your store, please consider that they may need polybags, bubble wrap, and/or even boxes. Standard sized polybags are included in McKenzie Services’ pricing, however, if we need to order boxes or use bubble wrap, there will be additional charges after your per item price. (We will not order boxes without your knowledge or approval).

What we suggest in this case is, when you find a product in this category that needs minimal prep, focus on that. For example, products that come in a clamshell case, or are already in a tight box when they arrive. If the box is “open” in the front, it may still require a polybag, but no bubble wrap or box will be needed.


example of a fragile, liquid, or hazmat item.

This item may only require a polybag.


Fragile Items/Glass

Did you know that fragile and glass items must be able to survive a drop test? These products need to be tightly and securely packed so that they cannot open or break in transit or at Amazon’s facility. We may need to use bubble wrap, extra dunnage, or other supplies to ensure the safety of these units. 

Additionally, if it meets weight requirements, we may opt to ship the glass into Amazon via LTL. The wrapped pallets will keep your boxes from being crushed with the product inside, or handled roughly during shipment (by the carrier). 


Hazardous Materials

Did you know that hazardous materials require us to get the postage ourselves? When Amazon deems an item to be hazmat, the preferred partner program does not provide shipping labels. Please be advised that we will get the postage ourselves according to their standards, and this will be reflected in the final bill. 

See our other post on preparing shoes & clothing to Amazon FBA standards. 

What other product types should we talk about next? 

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