Preparing Bundles and Casepacks for Amazon FBA, Amazon FBA Oregon Prep Center

What is the difference between Casepacks, Bundles, and Multipacks? 

For Private Label (aka Carton Forwarding) clients, we receive and ship out their products as casepacks. Let’s say our client sends us fifty cartons of the same product. Each carton will contain the same amount of units, already prepared and labeled for Amazon. This is called a casepack, also known as a carton. We will store the cartons, and forward them when the client is ready. When we create the shipping plan, we will tell Amazon we are sending 50 cartons containing 20 units each (this is an example). Amazon will know to send only an individual unit to the end customer.

For Amazon, and us, a bundle and a multipack are the same thing, and we refer to them as bundles. However, on other platforms, they may be known separately:

A bundle, also known as a kit, or kitting, is a pack of items that go together. For example, you might sell a bundle of 1 toothpaste, 1 toothbrush, and 1 mouthwash. A multipack in this case would be a pack of 3 of the same toothpaste. For our facility, we refer to both of these as bundles, and we are able to create them however you need them.

Bundles/multipacks need special prep for Amazon. 

  • Each set will need to be contained in a polybag or box.
  • They will need a “sold as a set” sticker, and their FNSKU. If they are missing the “sold as a set” sticker, Amazon may open them and label each individual unit. You do not want that to happen.

If you are bundling two or more of the same product together, it is really easy to do that on EPIC. However, if you want to bundle together multiple products (for example, 1 shampoo & 1 conditioner), please reach out to your Account Manager before creating your preshipment. Please see our posts on preparing shoes and liquids for Amazon FBA as well!


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