What Happens When Hazmat or Goods that Amazon Considers “Dangerous” are on a Shipment, Amazon FBA Oregon Prep Center

While Amazon allows hazmat items to be sold on their platform, they have certain requirements and stipulations for hazmat items sold on FBA. 

What is hazmat on Amazon FBA?

Here is a great article from Clear the Shelf that goes in depth on what Amazon considers hazmat.  As they noted, some of the products that are considered to be Hazmat are actually every day products.” Therefore, you may be surprised to find out that some of the products you want to sell are hazmat. 

Please note that there is nuance, and sometimes you may not know until you are creating the shipment if Amazon is considering a product to be hazmat or not. For example, laptops are on the list, but there are some that have not been deemed hazmat by Amazon, which may have to do with the type of battery inside the product (such as lithium, which Clear the Shelf talks about in their article). 

Please see this video for more information straight from Amazon. 

When you create a shipment either via the API, or their own Send to Amazon platform, be aware of the following requirements and stipulations for hazmat items sold on FBA:

  • Amazon will separate hazmat units onto their own shipment(s)
  • Once the units are packaged, you are required (or someone on your behalf, like us) to get the postage as their preferred partner program will not apply
  • You (or someone on your behalf, like us) is required to enter tracking information and estimated arrival window (or be penalized) per each applicable shipment. 
  • Inbound placement fees will still apply on top of the cost of the postage. 

Can we/will we prep hazmat items at our facility?

Yes, we absolutely can. However, please reach out first so we can ensure our safety, supplies (such as required stickers and paperwork) and ability to handle certain items before shipping to us. If there is a particular product you’d like to inquire about, please fill out our contact us form so we can help!


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