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Are you interested in selling plush, toys, or cloth items on FBA? 

Just like shoes and clothing, or liquid, fragile and hazmat items, Amazon has strict standards for preparing plush, toys, and cloth items for sale.

Before we dive a bit deeper, let’s define what terms we are using. 

Plush: When we refer to plush toys, we are talking about teddy bears, Squishmallows, and other stuffed animals with a soft/cloth surface.

Hard Toys: When we say “hard toys,” we are referring to toys such as toy instruments, toy tool sets, toy cars, and other similar items. 

Cloth: By cloth, we mean blankets, pillows, and the like.

Exposed units: Units where the manufacturer packaging only covers part of the toy or item, leaving the rest exposed.

Example of "exposed units"

Example of “exposed units”

For all of the above, Amazon will require them to be polybagged at minimum.

Some, like certain exposed units, may require a bubble wrap or bubble bag. The reason is that Amazon wants your items to be protected as they may sit in their warehouse for a while. This will help ensure they will get to your end customer in “new” condition, as well as make sure Amazon is not liable for any damage your items could incur if not properly protected. Plus, Amazon takes safety seriously – prepping these items properly will ensure that any tampering is evident. 

We also recommend that you do not sell these items, as commingled (using Amazon barcodes). This way, if there is something wrong with a product, you’ll truly know it belongs to you so you can take proper action.

Did you know that when required by Amazon, polybags are included in our item pricing for our Online Arbitrage and Wholesale clients?  We are experts at preparing plush, toys, or cloth items for FBA, as well as basically any other type of products you can think of! 

If you would like to learn more about selling toys, please watch this video on Seller University, or on youtube if you don’t yet have an Amazon Seller account. 

Learn more about toys and safety standards from Amazon here


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