Amazon SPN, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

We’re on the Amazon Service Provider Network list!

Amazon has an amazing resource for sellers who need help running their businesses. Whether you’re looking for a trusted 3PL, help with accounting or taxes, or even imaging and advertising for your store, you can rely on the Amazon Service Providers Network as a great place to start.  

What is the Amazon Service Providers Network?

The Amazon SPN is a list of vendors that Amazon has vetted and approved to help their sellers. To be added to the list, a 3PL or service provider like us must go through an application process with Amazon. The vendors Amazon highlights help sellers launch, manage, and grow their e-commerce businesses. 

To be recognized by Amazon as trustworthy and legitimate is an honor. 

McKenzie Services is proud to be part of the Amazon Service Providers Network. We are specifically on the lists for Storage and FBA Prep, but that is just the beginning of what we offer at McKenzie Services. Plus, we are conveniently located on the West Coast, in a sales tax-free state. 

Do you have an FBA business, and could use some help with receiving, storage, prep, and shipping to Amazon? 

Fill out the Contact Us form so we can get started. 

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