Restricted Words on Amazon, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

Did you ever get a listing suppressed or taken down because of the wording? Amazon is very particular about the language used in listings, and words that are seemingly innocent may get flagged, resulting in your listing being taken down, and potentially a removal. 

We saw this happen last year when a client hired a firm to optimize their listings – the firm understandably wanted to highlight how amazing their product was as it is anti-bedbug. However, as Amazon uses AI to read through the listings, and Artificial Intelligence cannot think in a nuanced way, it flagged the word “bedbug.” The client was forced to do a removal so that a new listing could be created, and any mention of “bedbug” could be removed from the packaging so as not to flag Amazon a second time. 

If this ever happens to you, we can help!

But first, did you know that there is a list of words to avoid when creating your listings?

First, it helps to know exactly what keywords are restricted. This nonexhaustive list can help you look over your listings and make sure none of the offending words are present. 

But if you do need to do a removal, we can help! 

We are able to receive the removals, do any relabeling needed, and case pack the products to go back to Amazon. We can store them as well if you’re not ready, or unable, to send them back. To suit your business needs and budget, we offer both a Basic Removal Plan, as well as an Enhanced Removal Plan. 

This is just one of the many services we offer. 

Fill out the contact us form today if you need a facility to process your removals. 

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