We Don't Just Ship to Amazon, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

We pride ourselves on being Amazon EXPERTS, but we are quite versatile for a 3PL warehouse.

McKenzie Services Warehouse

While we do not process FBM (fulfilled by merchant) orders at our facility, we can definitely ship larger orders to non-Amazon facilities, such as Walmart, TJX, and Deliverr as well as smaller independent stores that have placed wholesale orders with your company.

For example, let’s say you sell pet products, and a boutique places an order for 120 units of your bestselling sku. You may request that we package those items for shipping, and we can also provide you with a shipping quote to the address of the boutique as well (or you are welcome to provide your own shipping labels). 

What about stores like Walmart? Just let us know what units need to be shipped to them. We can let you know how they are packaged and you can send us the shipping labels and box labels provided by the store.

It really is that easy. Please reach out if you are interested in shipping to more than just Amazon FBA!

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