Client’s Manufacturing Malfunction - Client Story, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

It started innocently enough. We signed up a new carton forwarding client, Anne. Anne was excited to get started, and we received her first shipment with no indication that anything had gone wrong.

Anne needed professional photos of her product, so she asked us to forward her a single unit. 

Upon receipt, Anne was horrified. At quick glance, the product looked like she thought it would. However, she had requested the manufacturer to make a modification to the product that they forgot to do.

If this product had gone straight to Amazon, Anne would not have had the opportunity to request a unit be sent to her. She would not have known that the modification was missing, and therefore that her product might be different than advertised – resulting in poor reviews and bad sales, or even getting her listing taken down.

We were able to support Anne every step of the way including receiving and inspecting her product, storage, working with her to get pictures and documentation, receiving her replacement order, and shipping to Amazon now that all was well.

 While it may be tempting to ship straight to Amazon to cut costs, it’s possible you could pay the price later. As a 3PL we are here to do more than receive your units and ship them back to Amazon. We are a support system who provides a variety of services throughout the life cycle of your business. 

If you’re interested in working with us, please contact us today to see how we can help support your business. 

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