Title: What to Know about Expiration Dates, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

Amazon is very meticulous about expiration dates, which is great because it helps to ensure your end customer has a safe and satisfactory experience with your products. 

Here is what you need to know about expiration dates:

  • Amazon will not take products that are expiring in the next 12 weeks. Therefore, please keep in mind that anything you order that could possibly come with expiration dates may need to be returned.
  • Amazon does not just ask for expiration dates on food – they may ask for dates on makeup products, shampoo/conditioner, skincare, vitamins/supplements, film, and more.
  • Sometimes the products, such as shampoo or skin care do not actually have an expiration date printed on the product.  However, we are able to look up the manufacturing code printed on the bottle online to determine the expiration dates when needed. 

What happens if you order products and they arrive to us expired or too close to expiration?

The intake team will note in EPIC if your products are expired by marking the units as research or damaged and leaving a note. If they are not expired, but are too close to the expiration date, your Account Manager or the team will see it when creating or working on the job. If the units cannot be sent in, your AM will email you for next steps – return, or donate/dispose. 

We are happy to work with products that have expiration dates but please remember, we do not operate in a temperature controlled facility. Therefore, we cannot accept products that are required to be in a temperature controlled environment. Please email us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help. 

Please see our post about meltable products as well. 

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