Amazon FBA Oregon Prep Center, What to Ask a Potential Prep Center

What are Amazon FBA prep centers & what should you be asking them? Question Marks, pexels-leeloo-the-first-5428824

When the time comes to interview prep centers, here are some questions you might want to ask to ensure you are a good fit for each other.

  1. What types of services do they offer? Do they only work with the type of seller you are/a different kind of seller? For example, if you are an OA seller, do they accommodate OA?
  2. What is their process for receiving orders? Do you need to let them know what you’ve ordered in advance? Are you responsible for filling out a spreadsheet each time you order?
  3. Will you have a single point of contact, or work with whoever is available? What can you expect when contacting them once you are their client?
  4. Let them know any issues you’ve run into before, and see if they have an example of a resolution they’d give (if applicable).
  5. Ask about their pricing, and if you have any potential special requests, let them know! That way, they can give you a ballpark of what that would cost (example: bundling or adding branding stickers to the product).
  6. If you use a software such as Inventory Lab, check if that is something they are willing to use to create shipments. Also be clear with them about who will be responsible for creating shipments and generating postage with Seller Central.
  7. Ask them what the typical turnaround time is for jobs and requests, including year-round and during the Holidays. Can they accommodate rush job requests?
  8. Do they have the capacity to receive, inspect, or otherwise handle returns? 
  9. Do they work with removal orders?
  10. Can they receive containers (if applicable) or large palletized shipments? Do they have a loading dock? What are their receiving hours? Are they open on the weekends?

Of course, not all of these questions will apply to every seller. However, it’s important to make sure that when you choose a new prep center, it’s mutually beneficial – you want to work with a company who are experts not just in the world of FBA, but in the exact tasks you need to run your business efficiently.

You may also want to learn more about what values a prep center has for Good, Fast & Cheap Theory.

What are some questions you make sure to ask when chatting with potential prep centers to find the best fit? 

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