Have you ever thought about getting a CRM software for your business, Amazon FBA Oregon Prep Center

You may ask yourself, should I purchase a CRM software for my small business? 

A CRM software, or a “Customer Relationship Management” software, helps organize business interactions. While “Customer” is part of the name, think of it as more like the people who are central to your business – so suppliers, 3PL companies like us, freight forwarders, and more. 

A lot of sellers we know are active in everything from production or sourcing, to coordinating with Freight Forwarders, to working with us on a regular basis to ensure their products are received in good condition, processed accordingly, and sent on to Amazon. Some also have returns to suppliers to manage, as well other day-to-day business activities. Many of these same sellers have either virtual or long-time assistants, and other employees who need to stay informed. 

We know more than anyone that keeping on top of so many business matters means that a regular inbox like Gmail will not do – too many emails marked as unread, waiting for the right person to review, or worse – emails accidentally marked as read, so the person who needs it the most does not see it. It’s impossible!

That is why we recommend using a software like Salesforce or Freshdesk.

Software like these have features like pending folders, assignments, and notes, so that everyone who has access can see exactly what they need to see. 

We are not affiliated with any of these companies – however, we have seen first hand how messy things can get when communication goes awry. Consider trying it out, and see if it can’t help get your business organized!

We really appreciate working with other organized folks who prioritize their business relationships. If not a software, have you found another way to keep your network informed?

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