New Product Gone Sideways - Client Story, Amazon FBA Oregon Prep Center

New product? It’s a great idea to allow us to perform a product inspection before shipping to Amazon FBA. 

A carton forwarding client ordered a gorgeous new product from a new-to-them supplier, and had it shipped to our facility. Upon request, we forwarded multiple cartons to Amazon. 

A few weeks later, the client was receiving complaints and reports about defects on the product from his customers, so our client reached out to us and asked us to inspect the units we had at our facility.

Writing an inspection report

While inspecting, we unfortunately found that the majority of the units were defective.

It turns out that the supplier did not have enough time to finish inspecting them before shipping them to us. Our client knew this but never imagined that so much of the product could be defective. 

Since we had most of the product still at our facility, the client did not have to pay for a pricey removal from Amazon

Instead, they asked us to inspect the units here, which we are happy and able to do. If all units had gone directly to Amazon from the supplier, they would have had to pay for a removal or disposal via Amazon and taken a loss. 

At McKenzie Services, we were able to sort the “good” units from the “defective” units, and get photos for the client to pass to the supplier. We also were able to suggest some liquidators as well. We are still working with our client to sort everything out, but we are confident that we are setting them up to succeed. 

When ordering from a new supplier, consider having your prep center inspect them first thing, so you don’t miss out on refunds or replacements. 

It is unfortunate that this happened to our client! We wish all of our clients success in their endeavors and feel terribly when it goes wrong. But we are always available to help in whatever way we can!

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