Transparency Barcodes, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

What are Transparency barcodes? 

Transparency barcodes are QR codes that come printed on product packaging. Some categories that may require Transparency barcodes are grocery, health/beauty, and cleaning products. When these units arrive at Amazon, they scan the barcodes to authenticate the units. Your customers can also scan the barcodes with a mobile app. 

Our Process 

When our team processes items with QR codes, they already know not to cover them. However, we are not necessarily aware of which specific items require them. Therefore, when you are ready for a shipment to Amazon, please send us an email letting us know what units we need to double check. If it turns out that any of the units do NOT have the required barcode, we will let you know so that you can stay informed and decide next steps.

Here is a link to some FAQ on Amazon about this that will go more in depth. 

If Amazon finds that units at their facility are supposed to have them but do not, Amazon will take action on your account. If you sent in units prior to 5/27/23 and Amazon tries to ding your account for missing barcodes on those products, you can submit proof that the products were sent before that date. We can provide you with packaging reports if needed, and will help in any way we can. 

If you need to initiate a removal, please contact us first , either via form or by emailing the Account Managers, so we can work out the details together and alert our team that removals will be arriving. 

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