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Portrait of pensive pleasant looking young male with beard and mustache, keeps hand under chin, looks thoughtfully up, tries to gather thoughts, dreams about vacations abroad in exotic countryShould you liquidate inventory or donate it?

Sometimes a product doesn’t work out and you may decide to cut your losses and stop selling it. But that leaves you with stock you can’t sell and don’t need. Some may choose to go the liquidation route to sell everything in bulk.

Liquidation Recommendations

While we are not liquidators, nor are we affiliated with any specific liquidation companies or individuals, we have heard that people have had good experiences with the following:

  1. RL Liquidators. Check out their About Us page. They also can help manage returns.
  2. 888 Lots. You can also link your Amazon account to their site.  
  3. BStock. This site has a subscription fee of $99.00 per month. 
  6. Facebook group: Essential Liquidation, by 

We also know that sometimes liquidation does not work out or might not be the best option for you. 

We do offer to coordinate donations with GG’s House. Please read our blog post to learn more about them and why you might want to donate to their awesome organization!

If you’ve ever worked with an awesome Liquidation company you’d like to shout out, please share below in the comments. We would love to share their name with our clients. 

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