Reasons to Sell on Walmart Marketplace, Amazon FBA Oregon Prep Center

We have multiple clients who have found success selling on Walmart, and we receive inquiries often from clients who want to join the platform. One thing that seems to stop people from branching out onto the Walmart platform is that it is too hard to get accepted. 

However, there are numerous reasons why it’s worth it to go through the process and start selling on Walmart. Remember – you’re an Amazon FBA seller. You’re no stranger to hard work, and you’re not a quitter. But we understand that it can be hard to move out of your comfort zone. You have to be willing to try new things – the rewards will outweigh the risks. 

Here are some benefits of selling on Walmart:

Since the selection process is a little painful, the benefit is less competition as there are many folks who won’t want to go through it, or won’t make it through. You should be proud, as making it as a Walmart seller puts you in an elite group.

Walmart has a different fee structure than Amazon. You don’t pay monthly fees; instead, you pay when you make a sale. 

Selling on Walmart means a new customer pool, and brand exposure. 

Having more avenues for your product will help you scale up, sell more, and earn more profit.

What benefits did we miss? What are you experiences selling on Walmart Marketplace?

If you’re interested in branching out onto the Walmart platform, know that they only take sellers with “a previous history of marketplace or e-commerce success.” Try out Amazon first if you need to get some experience under your belt. 

Reach out to us with any questions or concerns, whether you’re a client of ours or not. We’d love to help!

Please note at this time we only do Fulfillment by Amazon/Walmart and not Fulfillment by Merchant. 


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