Please note: This newsletter was originally sent to our clients on March 30, 2022


Hello, and Happy Spring from the team at MKZS! 


Welcome to the fourth installment of our newsletter, where we fill you in on our latest updates as well as give tips and tricks to make the jobs you submit to us run more smoothly. 


Notes from our Accounting Team:


Pricing Update We have recently sent out our new pricing via email. This update will take effect on April 8th, 2022. If you have not seen this pricing update, please check your spam folder. It can also be viewed on our website [X].

Notes from our Account Managers:

Damages All units that are deemed damaged will be disposed of after 30 days. You will either receive an automated email from EPIC regarding the damage or your account manager will email you directly about the damage(s). Units will be disposed of 30 days after that email is sent. This will help to ensure we are keeping our warehouse clean and items that are damaged are not taking up valuable space for too long.


Cartons Clients Please submit carton receiving jobs in advance rather than waiting for tracking as the ports and deliveries are so unpredictable right now. If you do not have tracking at the time of submitting the job, please email the tracking to your Account Manager once you have it. All of this will ensure our team is prepared to receive the shipment, and will help you avoid receiving chargebacks for large shipments without notice. 


Cartons Clients If we do *not* have access to your Amazon account, please send us the Sku lists when sending shipping labels. These can be downloaded by clicking the down arrow next to “Work on Shipment,” then “Download Sku List” in the list of shipments. This will download to you as a “TSV File” which can be sent to the account managers as an attachment along with the labels. 


Shipping labels Please send shipping labels in the “Blank Rectangle” or “US Letter” format depending on which workflow you are using. Gentle reminder – we do not use thermal printers, so this download option on Amazon will not work for us.

Notes from our Operations Team:

Carton Barcodes/SKUs in EPIC We are seeing an increased number of chargebacks for the Sku listed in the New Inbound Carton Receiving Form not matching the actual barcode on the carton. The most common reason for this chargeback is because the new cartons arrive with a different quantity per carton than the previous inventory. We encourage our clients to check with the suppliers before submitting the form to avoid the chargeback or rework at our facility. In addition, when submitting a carton receiving job, please do not use special skus that are in-house such as “XXXXXXXX-30” or the warehouse has to redo the scan-in when the cartons arrive. 


Thank you for reading, and please do not hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager with any questions. We are happy to help!

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