Please note: This newsletter was originally sent out to our clients on July 14, 2022




Can you believe we are more than halfway through the year already? 2022 has flown by! With Prime Day now behind us, we are sure many of you are already beginning to focus on quarter four. With that in mind please take a look at this newsletter, which includes a referral program as well as a survey to give us your feedback on our services!


Affiliate Program

Our referral program is sweet and simple. Every time you refer a customer our way, we’ll give you a $100 credit if that customer signs up with us and completes their first job within the first 2 months. The new customer will also benefit and receive 10% off their first job. 

Please use this link to refer any new customers:


Account Managers 


Survey We would love your feedback on our services:


Email Please be sure to respond to your account managers’ questions in a timely manner so that jobs can be completed and billed within a timely manner. When submitting a job, please review our acknowledgement email in case we need more information from you before giving your job to our team. 




Card on File It is super important that we maintain a valid card on file with sufficient funds for you at all times. Please be sure that your payment method is correct and up to date. If you need to change the card on file, please reach out to or your account manager. We will send you the link to update your account. If we have sent you a link in the past and you have it handy, you can use that again. Maintaining a valid card with sufficient funds allows us to bill for each job in a timely manner, as well as make sure we can release your shipments and work on your requests, and so that you avoid chargebacks. 


Please note, there is a chargeback for repeated declined cards. 


Chargeback Reminder Please see attached document that outlines our chargebacks. 




Identification Please be sure that your CID/Name/Company name is stated on the BOL for any incoming shipments. Whenever we receive a shipment that does not include ownership identification on LTL/FTL inbound shipments, there is a chargeback for $100 per shipment. This is because when a shipment is missing this information, it impacts our ability to receive the shipment correctly, it increases our time spent receiving the product, and it requires us to use additional labor to research the correct client and PO.


To prevent receiving this chargeback, please put your name and CID on the consignee info/ship to info on the BOL.


Here is an example:


John Smith, c/o McKenzie Services

CID: 1234

8220 NE Walker Road

Hillsboro, OR 97124



Wishing everyone a safe and happy summer! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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