How to Prepare Your FBA Business for Q4, Prep Center

Supplies Stock up on supplies now, before there is a big rush. If you’re a client of ours that likes to keep special supplies here to aid with your jobs, please check in via email to make sure we have enough of your supplies. If you do your own prep, consider taking your own supply inventory.Shipping supplies stock photos


Listings Make sure your Amazon listings are up to date/you don’t have stranded inventory. If you need to do removals for relabeling or any other reason, please email us to see if we are able to accommodate the request.


Account Health Likewise, monitor the overall health of your account. You do not want to risk getting deactivated in Q4.


Shipping Remember that Amazon takes longer to receive LTL shipments, which can delay your items from being available for sale. If you are planning a large inbound shipment to Amazon, it may be best to request the shipment in advance (before it becomes urgent) or to go with small parcel.

LTL Pallet Shipping

Factor in Delays Factor in delays from your supplier and shipping/receiving.

Factor in shipping delays from your supplier and receiving delays at Amazon. 


Check Your Emails If you work with a prep center like us, submitting a job is not the end of it. You’ll want to make sure that you haven’t received any emails or communications citing issues or errors that may delay your shipments getting into Amazon.


Marketing Now is the time to really ramp up your marketing and paid ads  and get your product before the eyes of potential customers. There are people who maybe would not purchase your product for themselves, but when they come across it online and it’s close to the Holidays, they will want to snag it for their friend, family member, or coworker.


Best Sellers  Make sure you have enough stock of your best sellers in Amazon at all times to ensure you don’t sell out.

Competitive Pricing  Consider offering Competitive Pricing in order to increase visibility and sales.


Don’t Forget  People will still be purchasing in January either with gift cards they received as gifts, or as belated gifts for others. Make sure you plan beyond


Amazon Gift Card

Some potentially important dates to highlight in your Calendar

October 31 – Halloween

November 1 – Last day to get Inventory to Amazon’s Warehouses for Black Friday/Cyber Monday 

November  5 – Bonfire Night (if applicable)

November 24 – Thanksgiving

November 25 – Black Friday

November 28 – Cyber Monday

December 1 – Last-minute Christmas Shopping begins

December 26 – Boxing Day sales (if applicable)

December 31 – New Years Eve

Chinese New Year – January 22, 2023 


Please reach out if you are looking for your items to be prepped in Q4.

Happy Sales!


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