Ten Reasons to Work with McKenzie Services, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

Are you searching for a 3PL prep center you can trust to handle your goods with care, while also offering a plethora of services that might meet your present and future needs? If you’re tired of using Google Sheets, sending emails that get no response, and fighting with Amazon over what was sent versus what they received, look no further than McKenzie Services!

  1. Proprietary Software Tired of using Excel/Google Sheets to manage your inventory? See your inventory in real time and download receiving reports from our exclusive Software. Here is a quick video of our custom inventory tracker that we call EPIC: https://studio.youtube.com/video/JlNz1J4wx8s/edit
  2. Storage – We can store your product and supplies for you. Take back your office and garage! Storage full at Amazon? Send your new orders here until you sell down.
  3. Experience and Expertise – We are familiar with Amazon’s policies and requirements and our team is trained extensively on Amazon standards. Therefore you can trust that your product is in good hands. 
  4. Quality Control – When we receive your items, we report any obvious damage or issues. If you need a closer inspection of a particular item, just reach out to your Account Manager.
  5. Dedicated Account Manager – You will receive a dedicated Account Manager with years of experience. If your Account Manager is out or away, another will step in to help. Your emails will never sit for days unopened or with no response.
  6. Inventory Disputes and Management Made Easy – Ever get a notification from Amazon that your shipment arrived short or over the expected quantities? We can provide you with packaging reports downloaded directly from our software that prove how the items were packaged and how many units were sent per sku. Our packaging reports have resulted in countless refunds from Amazon time and time again for our clients. 
  7. Removals – We are equipped to handle basic and complicated removals. We do require you to reach out in advance. Once done, we can coordinate with you to receive, relabel, repackage and resend to Amazon, or store until you are ready. This process can be customized to your needs.
  8. International Shipping – We have the ability to get shipping quotes for Small Parcel and LTL, domestic and international. Reach out to your Account Manager if you need a shipping quote and we will coordinate with our shipping department. 
  9. Tax Free State – We are located in a tax free state, Oregon. When you have your items shipped to us from the supplier, you are saving on Tax $$!
  10. Scale Your Business – You get to focus on your growing business and let us handle the details like prepping, packing, and shipping. Our portal makes it so easy to indicate you are ready for a shipment.

Fill out our contact us form today to get started. We can answer any questions you may have, and help guide you to choose the package that works best for you. We handle Online Arbitrage, Wholesale, Private Label and Carton Forwarding, Removals, International Shipments, and more!

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