Importing to the USA?, Amazon Oregon Prep Center

We receive a lot of questions at McKenzie Services about importing and exporting. While we are happy to help as much as we can, we also wanted to share additional resources in the form of other Logistics companies who specialize in these areas of expertise.

For importing goods into the United States from another country, such as Canada or somewhere in the European Union, Brownstone International is a great choice. They are a transportation company who can help set up pickup and delivery from ports. They can also help with International Shipping Clearance. We have worked with Brownstone for numerous years, working together to get our clients’ shipments into the US and to our facility. 

Brownstone is reputable and reliable, just like we are, and we’ve seen firsthand their great communication, commitment to customer service, and their careful handling of your goods. We recommend them to anyone looking to feel confident in customs clearance and fast delivery. 

For exporting goods from the United States to another country, we have a recommendation for that as well! We recommend checking out Flex, a company with various warehouses across the EU. Flex. will work with you to ensure that your goods are ready to go overseas. Flex. is a logistics company with warehouses in Poland and Germany (with more locations on the way!) which specialize in processing shipments to Amazon FBA in Europe, pre-Amazon storage, FBA prep and forwarding to fulfillment centers as well as B2C/B2B fulfillment.  

Please see our blog for our post on Flex Logistics’ tips for getting started as an international seller. 

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