McKenzie Services offers a variety of services in addition to Amazon FBA.

While we are FBA experts, and part of the Amazon Service Providers Network, we also have a lot of experience in other related areas. 

For Amazon, we work with Wholesale, Online Arbitrage, and Carton Forwarding/Private Label customers. We also provide Removal services and we have multiple Removal packages to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need.

However, we can prepare items or cartons to ship to other businesses like Walmart, or any small business that is interested in selling your products. We can coordinate postage for these shipments, or use yours. Whatever is easier for you!

 We also have experience with special projects. Some examples include:

  • Receiving a large shipment of energy drinks, which we then turned into multipacks for the client before shipping to various stores.
  • Removing review requests from inside a client’s Amazon products, as they are against Amazon’s policy.  This involved not only removing the inserts, but the client wanted their tape on the product – so we had to carefully remove the tape with a heart gun, and reseal with the same tape so that the client was able to preserve the desired aesthetic of the product.
  • We have also opened existing products and added to them – for example, we had urns that we opened, added cremation bags inside the package, and then resealed. 
  • One of our clients discovered that his beautiful product had manufacturing defects, but he was not sure how many units were affected – so he asked us to inspect all of the units we have at our facility in order to separate the “good” units from the defective units. 
  • Receiving large car parts for a local, storing, and then loading into his truck when he was able to pick them up. 

While we do not process returns at our facility, we do offer returns consolidation. We work with a lot of international clients who have us accept their Amazon returns, store, and then ship when they are ready. As stated above, we can also coordinate the international shipping ourselves, or we can work with the client as support if they’re doing it themselves. 

Finally, as you already know, we have ample storage capacity, and can store whatever you’d like for as long as you’d like, except for food or meltables (in some cases). We offer so many services in addition to Amazon FBA!

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